To celebrate 5 Years of Bluey on ABC Kids, the ABC aired the top 100 episodes back to back (as voted by you!) in the Biggest Little Bluey Countdown!

With over 50,000 votes counted, the results are in! Scroll down to reveal Australia’s favourite Bluey episodes and watch a special extended version of the theme song that aired alongside the number one spot!



Over a few bin nights, Bingo tells Dad about the new kid at kindy who is mean to her.

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The Heelers gather for a classic Aussie Christmas, Bluey gets a new teddy and introduces him to the whole family. But the family play too rough with him and now he wants to go home.

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8. Rain

When a heavy summer rain thunders over the Heeler home, Bluey is determined to dam the water in the front yard, while Mum tries to stop her constantly tracking mud into the house.

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7. Dance Mode

After Dad eats her last chip, Bingo is given three chances to put Mum and Dad in ‘Dance Mode’ as payback. But the others can’t resist taking Bingo’s turns for her.

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6. Camping

While on a camping holiday, Bluey makes a new friend called Jean-Luc. Bluey may not understand him, but they find common language playing and hunting for a wild Daddy pig.

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5. Grannies

A game of Grannies is fun, until Bingo and Bluey can’t agree on one simple question: Can grannies dance? Now they need to video call Nanna to get the answer.

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4. Sleepytime

After her bedtime story, Bingo tells Mum that tomorrow morning she will be waking up in her own bed. But as she drifts off to sleep, Bingo has a bizarre dream that takes her on a wild adventure.

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3. Granny Mobile

At a garage sale, Muffin’s playing Grouchy Granny, and she’s making Dad push her on an old scooter. But then, a real Grouchy Granny wants to buy it, and Muffin won’t budge.

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2. Baby Race

Mum reminisces about Bluey and Judo as babies. Bluey learnt to roll over first, but Judo was the first to crawl, so then it became a race to see who was going to walk first!

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1. Cricket

During a friendly game of neighbourhood cricket, the dads struggle to bowl Rusty out.

1. Cricket
2. Baby Race
3. Granny Mobile
4. Sleepytime
5. Grannies
6. Camping
7. Dance Mode
8. Rain
9. Christmas Swim
10. Bin Night
11. Army
12. Tradies
13. Pass the Parcel
14. Hammerbarn
15. Faceytalk
16. Unicorse
17. Bingo
18. Cubby
19. Turtleboy
20. BBQ
21. Onesies
22. Fairytale
23. Dragon
24. Bumpy and The Wise Old Wolfhound
25. Born Yesterday

26. Grandad
27. Duck Cake
28. Takeaway
29. The Decider
30. Fairies
31. Bad Mood
32. Asparagus
33. Bedroom
34. Dad Baby
35. Mini Bluey
36. Barky Boats
37. The Pool
38. The Creek
39. Escape
40. TV Shop
41. Flat Pack
42. Double Babysitter
43. Ice Cream
44. Relax
45. Curry Quest
46. Keepy Uppy
47. Bus
48. Easter
49. Cafe
50. Burger Shop

51. Bike
52. Dirt
53. Pavlova
54. Fruit Bat
55. Verandah Santa
56. Family Meeting
57. Stumpfest
58. Calypso
59. Smoochy Kiss
60. Stickbird
61. Magic
62. Rug Island
63. Swim School
64. Bob Bilby
65. Slide
66. Pizza Girls
67. Backpackers
68. The Sleepover
69. Muffin Cone
70. The Beach
71. Blue Mountains
72. Dunny
73. Space
74. Handstand
75. Daddy Robot

76. Sticky Gecko
77. Daddy Dropoff
78. Chest
79. Copycat
80. Chickenrat
81. Butterflies
82. Early Baby
83. Daddy Putdown
84. Whale Watching
85. Work
86. Hospital
87. Road Trip
88. Movies
89. Magic Xylophone
90. Shadowlands
91. Teasing
92. Obstacle Course
93. Featherwand
94. Charades
95. Shaun
96. The Quiet Game
97. Omelette
98. Housework
99. Fancy Restaurant
100. Mr Monkeyjocks

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