Bluey and Bingo are playing Grannies at Doreen’s garage sale. Muffin wants to play too and decides to be a Grouchy Granny. She is making Dad push her on Doreen’s old mobility scooter that’s for sale until a real Grouchy Granny arrives!

The real Grouchy Granny successfully lowballs the timid Doreen for the mobility scooter, but Muffin refuses to get off until she pays more!

Muffin proves to be a tough negotiator, closing the sale for eleven hundred dollars – and even some lollies!

As a reward, she gets one of Doreen’s tea towels and uses it to become a super-granny instead of a grouchy one!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Doreen has a garage sale!
  • Bluey is a kind granny, Bingo is a can’t-hear-anything granny, and Muffin is a GROUCHY granny!
  • A grouchy pug granny is very rude to everyone at the garage sale.
  • Muffin is good at haggling!


I’m not paying eleven hundred dollars!

S3E33 – Granny Mobile

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