Bluey is convinced that she is better at the monkey bars than Judo, so Mum tells the girls about when Bluey was a baby and learning how to do everything for the first time.

Baby Bluey was the first to learn to roll-over, but Baby Judo beat her when it came to crawling. 

Now the race was on to see who was going to walk first! But while Bluey was busy bum-shuffling and crawling backwards, Judo took her first steps.

Mum was a bit defeated that Judo beat Bluey, but Coco’s Mum reminded her that she was doing great, and that Mum and Bluey were both just running their own races.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Mum tells Bluey and Bingo the story of how Bluey learned to walk.
  • We see Bluey, Judo, Coco and Snickers as babies!
  • Coco’s Mum visits Chilli to give her some much-needed support.
  • Baby Bluey does the ‘bum shuffle’!

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