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Bluey and Bingo love a good game of ‘Grannies’, hobbling about on canes and causing mischief. But when Bingo does the floss dance, Bluey insists that it’s definitely not something Grannies do.

Unable to agree, they video call Nana who gives it her best shot. But she just can’t do it. Bluey revels in her victory a little too much, and a sad Bingo quits their game.

When Mum tells Bluey, she has to choose between being right or keeping Bingo happy, Bluey finds a third option – teaching Nana how to floss! Under Bluey’s instruction, Nana becomes a flossing expert and Bingo is soon back in the game.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • We see the first appearance of Bingo and Bluey as ‘Janet’ and ‘Rita’.
  • We’re introduced to Bandit’s parents, Bluey and Bingo’s Nana and Grandpa.
  • Bingo, as Rita, says “I slipped on ma’ beans!”.
  • Bluey and Bingo learn that grannies CAN floss!


Uh! Just having a nana nap, love.


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