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It’s Christmas morning and the Heelers are opening presents at Stripe and Trixie’s place. Bluey is thrilled to get a big teddy called Bartlebee, who she introduces to the whole family.

Bartlebee tries to join in the fun in the pool but soon he is soaking wet, licked, bitten by a crocodile and breaks his arm. 

Bartlebee says he wants to go home and Bluey tells Frisky all about it on a video call.

Frisky is also new to the Heeler clan and she reassures Bartlebee that the family are really very nice. When the family sits down for lunch Dad proposes a toast to their newest family member, Bartlebee. 

This Is The Episode Where…

  • It’s Christmas time and the Heeler family have a big BBQ by the pool.
  • Bluey gets a new toy called ‘Bartlebee’ and introduces him to all of her family.
  • Dad and Stripe get ‘World’s Best Chef’ aprons.
  • Frisky, also new to the Heeler family, gives Bartlebee some advice about them.

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