During a summer downpour, Bluey’s determined to dam the water in the front yard. Whenever Bluey runs inside to get dam supplies, Mum tries to stop her because she’s muddying up the clean house!

When Bluey can’t dam the water on her own, she’s happy to see that Mum’s had a change of heart and is by her side helping her build the dam.

With Mum’s help, it looks like Bluey’s dam’s going to work, until the rain stops! Bluey doesn’t know if her dam worked, but she’s consoled by a double rainbow forming above.

Just as Bluey’s about to go inside, another storm appears, and it starts to rain again…

This Is The Episode Where…

  • After the title card, there’s no dialogue in this episode!
  • It’s raining heavily and Bluey wants to build a dam across the path in the front yard.
  • Mum keeps having to clean up Bluey’s wet tracks in the hallway.
  • Bluey and Mum see a double rainbow.


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S3E18 – Rain

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