“Hang on…. are you trying to teach us something!?”

Keep the new year spirit alive with our top tips for 2024 and learn some valuable lime lessons with Bluey!

Learn something new

The new year is a great time for setting goals and developing a new skill! Sometimes learning something new can be a challenge, but as Bluey learns in ‘Bike‘ – the key is to never give up! When learning how to ride her bike, Bluey gets frustrated with herself and asks why she can’t just do it straight away.

Accepting defeat, she watches on with Dad as Muffin, Bingo and Bentley each face their own challenges around the playground. Even when they look like they’re about to give up, they’re determined to keep trying! Bluey and Dad cheer them all on until they each succeed in their own way.

Inspired by her friends, Bluey decides to have another go at riding her bike. Remember to always try, try and try again!


spend time with loved ones

There’s nothing better than spending time having fun with the people you love – and there’s no one Bluey loves spending time with more than her family and friends!

Whether you’re inviting your cousins round for a flamingo-filledSleepover‘, playing a game of neighbourhood ‘Cricket‘, exploring new terrain like ‘The Creek‘ or inviting everyone to the backyard for a good old-fashioned ‘Stumpfest‘. Make sure to set aside time each day to spend some quality time with the people you care about.


be kind to others

“How do animals with no tails know when they’re happy?”

There’s no greater feeling than showing kindness to others, it’s the only language everyone understands!

Bluey knows sometimes doing something kind for others can feel better than all the shiny stickers and moonlight unicorns in the world! Like cleaning up a ‘Duck Cake‘ mess for Dad when it’s all getting a bit much, or tidying up her sister’s toys without being asked.

Remember, small acts of kindness can create ripples of positivity: like playing with a friend on their first day of school, helping a neighbour take their rubbish out on ‘Bin Night‘ after a particularly taxing game of Mahjong, or even thanking the bin man with a friendly wave.


Don’t forget the ‘Boring bits’

“Boring things are still important!”

While preparing for a trip ‘The Pool’, Bluey and Dad tease Mum about being fussy and over prepared when she reminds them to brush their teeth and check they have everything they need for the day. When they arrive at the pool without sunscreen, floaties or food they find out the hard way, that doing the boring things, makes the fun stuff possible!