Cousin Muffin is coming for a sleepover which means only one thing––Bluey and Bingo get to stay up late! But when Muffin arrives tired and emotional from missing her nap, chaos ensues.

Trying to drag out the evening as long as possible, the girls attempt a slow leisurely game of restaurant, but wildcard Muffin soon derails things by messing up the tables, stealing from Dad’s chip shop and making off with Mum’s police car!

Finally realising that her cousin really needs to sleep, Bluey selflessly ends their night by coaxing Muffin into bed.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Muffin is phasing out her nap time, causing her to be deliriously tired and erratic.
  • Bluey and Bingo are excited to be “Staying up late! Staying up late!”
  • Muffin crashes the pedal car in the backyard.
  • Dad runs a chip shop and Chilli is a police officer.


S1E40 – The Sleepover

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