During a friendly game of neighbourhood cricket, none of the dads can bowl out Rusty, who has spent long afternoons perfecting his batting technique.

After the dads fail with swing, smart field placement and spin, Lucky’s Dad pulls out all the stops and bowls a fast one. But the dads have underestimated Rusty once again.

Rusty’s weak spot used to be fast bowling, but with the help of his dad, he learnt to face his fear and can now easily hit the fast ball out of the park.

But instead, showing true sportsmanship, the young cricket prodigy knocks an easy catch to his little sister.  

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Rusty is AMAZING at cricket and no one can seem to get him out.
  • Tiny (Rusty’s older brother’s friend) is a really fast bowler and Rusty has to overcome his fear going in to bat against him.
  • Rusty helps encourage his little sister, Dusty, by giving her an easy catch.

I can’t believe it! What a catch!

S3E47 – Cricket

Storyboards by Sarah Rackermann

The Rules of Cricket!




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