Spoiler Alert: Be Sure To Watch ‘The Sign’ Before Reading On!

It’s finally here! Following months of anticipation, wild conspiracy theories and nail-biting cliffhangers, Bluey’s mammoth 28-minute episode, “The Sign”, landed on screens worldwide. 

Viewers were over the moon to see surprise cameos, crazy cross-town capers, plot twists; and arguably the greatest cartoon dog wedding of all time. All the excitement sent fans into a frenzy, both across the internet and for real life, all around the world!

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Screenings around the world

The Sign’s global release was cause for some MAJOR celebrations, and special screenings were held in different locations from Bluey’s home all the way around the world in America, Asia, and Europe.

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The Wedding of the year

The Heelers began ‘The Sign’ by preparing for a family wedding between Uncle Rad and Bluey’s fairy godmother Frisky.

Although it wasn’t the straightest path down the aisle, with the help of some determined flower girls the Heelers pulled off THE backyard wedding of the year. The tears and drinks flowed, Dance Mode pumped, Uncle Stripe gave it heaps… and Frisky and Rad finally became husband and wife.

Returning characters

Audiences were ecstatic to see the return of Bob, Bluey and Bingo’s grandad. Sad theories on his fate had been making the rounds, but he’s safe and well — turns out he just needed a trip overseas for some self-exploration. And there were a few more special appearances that sparked some serious joy!


Learn more about some returning favourites who returned in The Sign below:

The Flower Girls

In an episode full of big life decisions, it was the Heeler girls’ time to shine. Bluey grappled with her feelings about the move, while Bingo stayed endearingly oblivious. Socks found her voice, while Muffin was… well, Muffin. Together, this plucky troop of flower girls helped save the day.

the house sale

Last week’s Ghostbasket set up a cliffhanger for the ages when it showed a “For Sale” sign outside the Heeler house. In The Sign, it looked like the move would be confirmed… Bandit had a new job, and a slippery real estate agent was selling the house to a couple of near-sighted sheepdogs.

But just when all signs looked to be pointing towards a new home for the Heelers, fate had one more twist up it’s sleeve…

an Emotional Rollercoaster

It’s been quite the ride. Fans had been on the edge of their seats wondering what this super-long episode would bring. And from the reactions across the globe, it did not disappoint. 


Now there’s just one question on everyone’s mind: What’s next for Bluey… stay tuned to find out!

Learn more about ‘The Sign’

‘The Sign’ is a 28 minute Bluey special – four times the length of a normal episode!

When the Heeler home goes up for sale, Bluey is not at all happy about the news.

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