Uncle Rad is Frisky’s husband, the wild and woolly older brother of Bandit and Stripe, and Bluey and Bingo’s Uncle.

He used to work on an oil rig far away from the Heelers’ home, so he didn’t get to visit his family as often as he’d like.When he did he drop by, he’d make up for lost time by telling them amazing stories and taking part in wild, playful and fun games. Nowadays, he’s a family man who’s staying put in Brisbane.
When Bandit arranged for his brother to babysit, Uncle Rad met Bluey’s godmother, Frisky, who had also been enlisted to look after the kids.

The two discovered they had a few things in common, their love of nut-based hair products seems to have bonded them forever, as Rad eventually asked Frisky to be his wife.

Man, this princess is hard to rescue.

S2E38 – Double Babysitter



Radley ‘Rad’ Heeler


Red and Blue
Heeler Mix

Voiced by

Patrick Brammall


Double Babysitter (Season Two)
Christmas Swim (Season Two)
Fairytale (Season Three)
The Sign (Season Three)