Bingo is a little ball of energy! She’s kind, curious, determined and loves to laugh. More than anything, she loves diving into pretend games with her big sister, Bluey, their friends, and family.
Whether she’s imagining herself as Snowdrop, Tap Girl, or a fluttering butterfly, her creativity knows no bounds.
While Bingo occasionally drifts into her own little world, she deeply treasures her moments playing with Bluey. At times, keeping up with her sister’s games can be a bit challenging, but Bingo finds her way through.
Bingo loves new discoveries and often finds herself captivated by the small wonders of the world, like a blooming flower or a tiny insect making its way across a leaf.  She might occasionally lose track of time, but she’s very good at living in the moment and being present with her family.

Ah! This is trifficult!



Bingo Heeler


4 (S1-2) 5 (S2-3)


Red Heeler

Also known as

Rita (Grannies)
Slobberdobber (Hotel)
Sparkleshot (Spy Game)
Snowdrop (Zoo)
Merryfindor (Swim School)
Larn (Yoga Ball)