Stripe is Bluey and Bingo’s uncle and the younger brother of Bandit and Rad.

He loves squash, his car, and a good old fashioned “STUMP FEST!” But more than anything, Stripe loves a BBQ and – if his apron is to be believed – he’s the world’s best chef!
Stripe can get a bit carried away sometimes at parties and family events, but it’s always good fun. Stripe loves his wife, Trixie, and their two daughters, Muffin and Socks.

He loves playing with his kids too but from time to time he can struggle to control them… but he’s learning!

I’m not marrying him! He stinks!

S1E9 – Horsey Ride



Stripe Heeler

Voiced by

Dan Brumm


Blue Heeler

Favourite eps

Horseyride (Season One)
The Sleepover (Season One)
Squash (Season Two)
Stumpfest (Season Two)
Library (Season Two)
Faceytalk (Season Three)

Meet the Voice of Uncle Stripe

Go behind the scenes with Bluey’s Sound Designer, Dan Brumm

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