Muffin is Bluey and Bingo’s tantrum-prone cousin who finds her R’s quite “twicky”. 

Muffin loves to join in and play with Bluey and Bingo but is still learning how to take turns and play nicely and sometimes finds herself in timeouts, or even in the cone of shame!
Muffin has a little sister, Socks, and her mum and dad are Aunt Trixie and Uncle Stripe. Muffin is no stranger to chaos and has no problem speaking her mind, especially when she has skipped nap time.

Coconuts have water in them!

S1E40 – The Sleepover



Muffin Cupcake Heeler

FIRST APPearance

BBQ (Season 1)


White Heeler

Also known as

Sheila (The Sleepover)
Gladys (Granny Mobile)
Bububabu (The Sleepover)