Dad’s pretending to be an estate agent selling the Grannies’ house to Mum. But Janet and Rita don’t want to move out!

They try to disrupt the sale by ambushing Mum in the hallway, driving their car through the kitchen and introducing Ghostbasket – a ghastly haunted washing basket!

When Mum reveals that Rita is Ghostbasket, Dad is relieved that Mum can finally buy the house, but she insists he first ejects the Grannies outside.

Taking pity on the now homeless Grannies, Dad pretends to be a haunted wheelbarrow to help scare Mum away!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Janet and Rita return!
  • Dad pretends to be an estate agent named Hugo, and Mum pretends to be an interested buyer named Monique.
  • The Heeler home is haunted by ‘Ghostbasket’