Frisky is Bluey’s godmother and a good friend of Chilli’s. This means that she’s just like family and Bluey and Bingo sometimes affectionately call her “Aunt Frisky”. She’s a lover of tropical holidays, juice bars, and having a “think” at her favourite city lookout. 
Frisky is an English cocker spaniel and she keeps her soft hair looking healthy with almond milk shampoo – just like Uncle Rad. Frisky and Rad met while double-babysitting Bluey and Bingo and have since become a couple.
She adores Bluey and Bingo and they all love playtime together. Frisky is a good role model who can offer a level-headed perspective when the rest of the Heeler family gets a bit crazy.

Although it’s not the smoothest road down the aisle, with the help of some guiding words from Chilli and a sign from one lucky little butterfly, Frisky and Uncle Rad tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in the Heeler’s back yard.

They’re a bit crazy, but, give them a chance. You’ll see, they’re full of love.





Claudia O’Doherty


English cocker


Double Babysitter (Season 2)
Christmas Swim (Season 2)
The Decider (Season 3)
The Sign (Season 3)