From real estate agents to beautiful blue butterflies, the 28 minute Bluey special ‘The Sign’ introduced audiences to many new characters

Learn more about some of the new and familiar faces we met in The Sign with our brand new character pages: from Bandit’s school friend turned real-estate extraordinaire Bucky Dunstan, to The Sheepdogs looking for their new home in sunny Queensland – and more!

Learn more about Bucky Dunstan

Bucky Dunstan is a smooth-talking real estate agent who loves crisp white shirts, and four-door hatchbacks.

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Learn more about The Police Dog

The Police Dog is a German Shepherd who Chilli and the girls meet while searching for Frisky.

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Learn more about The Sheepdogs

These house hunters (known as the dogs-with-no-eyes by Bluey and Bingo) dream of a Queensland home with a pool.

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Learn more about Winton’s Dad

Winton’s Dad is an English Bulldog who’s a sporter of bumbags, seller of toffee apples, eater of German sausages; and a hopeless romantic.

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Learn more about Flappy

Like all butterflies, Flappy starts life as a caterpillar who crawls onto Bingo and Lila’s backyard waterslide one sunny afternoon.

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Learn more about more of your favourite characters who appeared in ‘The Sign’ below:



Learn more about ‘The Sign’

‘The Sign’ is a 28 minute Bluey special – four times the length of a normal episode!

When the Heeler home goes up for sale, Bluey is not at all happy about the news.

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