Bucky Dunstan is a smooth-talking real estate agent who loves crisp white shirts, four-door hatchbacks (with his face plastered on the side), and celebrating a sale with a good ole’ fashioned horn toot.

He puts all his energy into being the best Brisbane realtor he can be. Slick and hell-bent on a sale, he’s a very convincing house peddler – even if it does involve a few exaggerations here and there.

Bucky puts his all into selling the Heelers’ home to some buyers with impressive fringes. After convincing them that Queensland summers aren’t all that hot, he’s thrilled to deliver some good news to “Banditas, The Big B, Bandito” and family.



Bucky Dunstan


Toy Fox Terrier

Played by

Rove McManus


Dragon (Season Three)
The Sign (Season Three)


Quaint, animated family home

A quaint, animated family home nestled in an undisclosed Brisbane location, that could be in Red Hill or The Gap (we’ll never tell), with mid-century design aesthetics offset by whimsical touches. The quintessential Queenslander, radiating heritage charm, complete with upwards of 100 hidden small long dogs to be found.