Queensland summers are, despite what Bucky Dunstan may say, hot enough for a pool. And that’s all these house hunters (or “dogs with no eyes” as Bluey refers to them) dream of.

They’re convinced by Bucky to buy the Heeler home, so they put in an offer. Although perhaps a little gullible, they’re also determined — they know what they want, and they’re not afraid to go back on a deal when they spot their dream home… complete with backyard pool.

Oh, it doesn’t have a pool?

S3E49 – The Sign



‘The Sheepdogs’ or ‘The Dogs with No Eyes’



Played by

Deborah Mailman
& Brendan Williams


The Sign (Season Three)


Appears in

The Sign

The 28 minute Bluey special. When the Heeler home goes up for sale, Bluey is not at all happy about the news.

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