Winton’s Dad is an English Bulldog who’s a sporter of bumbags, seller of toffee apples, eater of German sausages; and a hopeless romantic.

Separated from Winton’s Mum, he’s on the lookout for love, and can often be spotted taking various ladies out on dates around town. Nothing too flashy, mind; he likes getting to know them over a walk to get ice-cream, or a simple park bench chat. 

For one reason or another, things don’t seem to work out for Winton’s Dad in the love department…That is until he bumps into the Terrier’s Mum in the chemist. With the help of some body spray and a spritz of breath freshener, the two hit it off!

Anyone want the last toffee apple? I’ve got one toffee apple left!

S1E20 – Markets




Voiced by

Jake Bresanello


English Bulldog

Key Episodes

Markets (Season One)
Hammerbarn (Season Two)
Cafe (Season Two)
The Quiet Game (Season Two)
TV Shop (Season Three)
The Sign (Season Three)