Police Dog is a German Shepherd who wears a dark blue vest and police cap, carries a tablet (which he uses for writing tickets) and hangs out near the juice shop looking for speedsters.

He keeps a close watch over the streets of Brisbane — which Frisky finds out the hard way when she receives a speeding ticket after running away from her marriage.

He might need to brush up on some of his road rules though, which he discovers when he pulls Chilli over for letting Bluey ride in the front seat.

English cocker spaniel, blue car, likes to drive fast?

S3E49 – The Sign



The Police Dog


German Shepherd

Played by

Joel Edgerton


The Sign (Season Three)


Appears in

The Sign

The 28 minute Bluey special. When the Heeler home goes up for sale, Bluey is not at all happy about the news.

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