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Bluey doesn’t like babysitter putdowns, so when Uncle Rad and Frisky get double-booked to be the girls’ babysitter they have to work together to settle Bluey down.

Frisky suggests playing twenty questions so they can get to know each other, but Bluey and Bingo’s questions get a bit too tricky for the adults, so Uncle Rad suggests that they play games instead, but that’s still doesn’t work.

Tucked up in bed after story time, Bluey shares that she had a bad experience last babysitter putdown when Nana had the TV up too loud. Uncle Rad and Frisky reassure her and Bluey is finally able to relax.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and Bingo have two babysitters at the same time, Mum’s friend Frisky and Bandit’s older brother, Rad.
  • Bluey, Bingo, Frisky and Uncle Rad play ‘Torch Mouse’ in the backyard.
  • Uncle Rad pretends to be a prince, rescuing Princess Frisky from a dragon.

Man, this princess is hard to rescue.

S2E38 – Double Babysitter

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