Today Bingo is in a bad mood, until she finds her Viking hat. She gives it to Dad to wear and he becomes her Bad Mood, controlling everything she does, knocking over Bluey’s tower, yanking the washing off the line and tearing the place apart. 

Bluey tries to get Bingo out of her bad mood, by getting her to do belly breaths and by putting on her favourite song, but Bingo is having too much fun to stop! 

Finally, Bluey wears out Bingo and her Bad Mood by making them run after her, giving Mum the chance to scoop Bingo up and be her Good Mood, making her cuddle everything, even her Bad Mood.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo’s bad mood is personified by Dad, who grumpily leads her around the house and yard.
  • Everyone avoids unpacking the dishwasher.
  • Bluey loudly plays ‘The Lollipop Song’ on her speakers.
  • Mum personifies Bingo’s good mood, giving everyone nice hugs.

Hehe, it’s not me! My bad mood is making me eat chocolate

S2E39 – Bad Mood

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