After staying up late, Mum and Dad are lazing around in the lounge room. The kids however, want to play Whale Watching. 

Bluey is the captain and promises Bingo ‘the best tour ever or your money back’! Jumping aboard their boat (Dad), Bluey convinces him there’s rough seas ahead, setting them up for a bumpy ride.

When they finally spot the whale (Mum), she’s too tired to move and Bluey is forced to return Bingo’s money.

It’s not until they watch a whale documentary that suddenly the whale breaches and lands in the boat.

The kids have to abandon ship but find welcome refuge on a nearby island.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Mum and Dad are very, very tired after a New Year’s Eve party the night before.
  • Bluey takes Bingo on a whale watching tour – and Dad is the boat!
  • Mum gorges on corn chips and soda (SO good!)
  • The family watch a whale documentary on TV.

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