After Dad tells Bluey and Bingo what to do one too many times, they want to know WHY they always have to obey him.

Dad jokes that it’s because he’s bigger than them, so the kids invite their giant invisible friend, Tina to take their side.

Tina can make Mum and Dad do anything, forcing them to wait on the kids’ hand and foot, while they just laze around. The parents are forced to rebel and wrestle Tina to the ground.

During the struggle it becomes obvious that Tina stinks and is losing her teeth!

The kids come to understand why they should do as they’re asked and take Tina under their wing.  

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and Bingo have a huge, imaginary friend called Tina.
  • With Tina’s help, Bluey and Bingo can tell Mum and Dad what to do!
  • Mum and Dad shove Tina into the back of the car – and Wendy didn’t see anything!
  • Yuck! Bluey gets a jam sandwich stuck to her back.

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