Bluey and Dad are arguing about whether he ‘fluffied’ in her face, so Mum calls a family meeting. 

Mirroring a court case with Bandit on trial, Mum as the judge and Bluey as a witness, they replay the scene with toys; Mum and Dad were in bed before he got up, turned and ‘fluffied’.

Dad continues to deny it, but no one believes him.

A gruelling investigation continues until Mum asserts ‘The truth shall set you free’.

Dad finally admits his guilt but wants to know one thing… what was Bluey doing there? Uh-oh, playing games on the tablet. Both are sentenced to be Bingo’s horsey ride for one hour!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Heelers hold a trial for Dad in the kitchen to see if he did, or did not, in fact, fluffy in Bluey’s face.
  • Dad denies all charges against him.
  • Bingo shows us the fluffy-level on all of the food Dad ate.
  • Mum thinks Dad was just moving the side table…

Bingo, on the morning of this morning, did you see dad fluffy in my face?

S3E23 – Family Meeting

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