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Lucky’s Dad is outraged at the modern way Pass the Parcel is played, with a present in every layer. He wants to take it back to only having one big prize in the middle.

At his son Chucky’s birthday party, he changes the rules and things – predictably – go sideways!

Surprisingly though, ‘Lucky’s Dad’s Rules’ soon catch on and, from party to party, become the norm among the neighbourhood families.

Bingo keeps hoping for the big win, but she is forever losing. So, over a series of kids’ birthday celebrations, Mum helps Bingo learn how to cope with her ongoing disappointment.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Lucky’s Dad is determined that the kids will play ‘Pass the Parcel’ like they did in the 80s, with one big present in the middle.
  • Bingo gets good at losing gracefully.
  • Lila is really excited to win a bubble shooter.
  • We meet a bunch of new characters including Janelle, Chucky and Buddy’s Mum!


I love Lucky’s Dad’s rules!

S3E13 – Pass The Parcel

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