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Bluey wants to draw the perfect Father’s Day card by remembering fun games she’s played with Dad, like ‘Boomerang’ and ‘No Ticket’.

Bluey starts to get frustrated when she finds a problem with each drawing. None of them are perfect enough.

Eventually, Bluey gives up because drawing is too hard, but Mum encourages her to look again at those fun memories with Dad, where the game might have ended with a fall or bump.

Like Dad always says, it’s a good thing she’s tough! Bluey goes back to the drawing board and whips up a picture of her being tough with Dad, which goes straight to the fridge.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The kids are each making Dad a card for Father’s Day.
  • Bandit wants applause from the family any time his enters the room and says “It’s Dad!”
  • Dad helps Bluey when she’s fallen by saying “It’s a good thing you’re tough!”.

Perfect is tough Bluey. I’m just warning you.

S3E14 – Perfect

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