Pat is usually referred to as “Lucky’s Dad”. He lives next door to the Heelers and often finds himself swept up in their wild games.

He was once pounced on by Lioness Chilli, had his meat pie stolen by Bandit and has even been attacked by Bluey’s stuffed crocodile! But Pat is endlessly forgiving and is always a good sport about it.

He and Bandit are very good friends, though they can get competitive over important things like yard work and pizza ovens.

Pat is famous around town for his loud singing and his old-school rules on how to best play ‘pass the parcel’.

Oh, Bandit, get your armpit out of my face!

S3E9 – Magic



Pat (or ‘Lucky’s Dad’)

Voiced by

Brad Elliott


Labrador Retriever

key Appearances

Keepy Uppy (Season One)
Asparagus (Season One)
Stumpfest (Season Two)
Rug Island (SeasonTwo)
Dad Baby (Season Two)
Magic (Season Three)
Pass the Parcel (Season Three)