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When Dad complains about how dissimilar Bluey and Bingo are, Bluey hatches a plan to make them more alike. After colouring Bingo in blue chalk, Bluey happily introduces Mini-Bluey!

Mini-Bluey is just like Bluey; they both like to sing, talk nonsense and question everything! But when Dad washes off Mini-Bluey’s chalk, Bluey decides to turn herself into Big-Bingo!

After hearing how much Dad enjoys having two Bingos, Bluey starts to worry that her parents prefer Bingo. But when Bingo teaches Big-Bingo her own brand of annoyingness, Mum and Dad admit they’d just prefer one of each! 

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo and Bluey colour themselves in chalk and pretend to be each other.
  • Bluey demonstrates what it’s like to be her. She likes dancing, asking questions she doesn’t wait for an answer to.
  • Bingo wears a big set of false teeth to creep out Mum and Dad. EEEEE!

Yeah, Mini-Bluey, I don’t really sing when i’m doing chores. I usually winge.

S3E6 – Mini Bluey

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