As Mum packs everyone’s things for a trip to the pool without her, Bluey and Dad tease her about being so over-prepared.

But when they arrive, they quickly discover that they’ve forgotten to bring the bag she packed! Bingo doesn’t have her floaties, Bluey doesn’t have her goggles and there are no towels!

Stuck in the ever-shrinking shady bits (as the sunscreen was in the bag too) and with no morning tea to eat, Dad and the kids are about to give up on the day.

But when Mum heroically arrives with all the missing stuff, they learn that sometimes you need a little planning to have a lot of fun.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad takes Bluey and Bingo to Uncle Stripe’s pool.
  • Bingo overcomes her fear of the pool cleaning hose.
  • Bluey talks into the rotating fan to make her voice sound like a robot.
  • Dad forgets the ‘boring stuff’, like sunscreen.

Now, let’s chill some beans!

S1E22 – The Pool

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