Bluey and Bingo are at Currimundi lake having a stick throwing contest. The kids are not very good at throwing, so Mum steps in and teaches them how to do it the right way.

While Bluey keeps practising, Bingo snaps Dad out of his melancholic mood and they go to look for more sticks. Bingo finds a stick shaped like a bird’s head and she and Dad use it to create a beautiful sand sculpture.

But while their backs are turned, Bingo’s handiwork is destroyed by some older kids!

Bingo is upset and angry, until Bluey arrives and teaches Bingo how to throw her troubles away – something Dad learns too. 

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Heelers head to the beach, but Dad seems distracted with something on his mind.
  • Bingo builds a ‘Stickbird’ in the sand.
  • Bluey shows Bingo how to pick up all the ‘upset’ from her body and throw it away!

Oh Dad, look! It looks like a bird’s head!

S3E41 – Stickbird

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