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Chilli is Bluey and Bingo’s mum! She’s really good at teaching her girls about the world and how to navigate its challenges. She needs to remain level-headed when the Heeler house gets out of control or caught up in a new game!

But Mum can also be just as silly as Dad when it comes to playtime and she loves dancing around the house to her favourite song.
She often has a wry comment or a wise word for her kids, but she’s just as comfortable throwing herself into a game with them. And she’s always able to see the humorous side of her and Bandit’s missteps.
When she’s not with Bingo, Bluey or Bandit, Chilli loves playing hockey, going on little adventures and spending time with Aunt Trixie and Frisky. 

Remember I’ll always be here for you, even if you can’t see me… because I love you.



Chilli Heeler


Red Heeler

voiced by

Melanie Zanetti

also known as

Chilli Dog
Lady Gaberdeen (Zoo)
Pavlova (Work)
Madge (Trains)
Sharon (Swim School)