Bluey and Dad keep breaking their promises and – even worse – using their promises to trick each other into doing silly things!

Mum bans promise-breaking and ‘promisey tricks’; promises are supposed to be based on trust.

While walking home, Bluey and Bingo want to play on a playground, Mum agrees but only if they promise to leave when it’s lunch time.

While playing, Bingo gets stuck atop the climbing dome! When Mum promises to catch Bingo, Bingo trusts her word and jumps down.

After seeing this, Bluey keeps her promise when it’s time to leave, even though she hasn’t finished playing. 

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Heelers try to work out the right balance with making, and keeping, promises.
  • Dad takes Bluey and Bingo to the Trampolinium.
  • Bluey tricks Dad into playing ‘Toddlers’ at the library.
  • Dad tricks Bluey into carrying (or rather, dragging!) his heavy books from the library.

Seems like we’ve got a promising problem.

S3E3 – Promises

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