Bingo wants to help make Dad’s breakfast in bed for his birthday. While Bluey sets the tray, Bingo and Mum start preparing an omelette.

However, cracking eggs into the bowl is harder than it looks, and Dad is getting hungry, so Mum has to step in to make a super speedy omelette on her own.

Seeing Bingo’s disappointment, Mum asks for Bingo’s help to make a new one. But by now Dad is starving and Bluey has to guard him so he can’t escape the bedroom.

This time Bingo and Mum make the omelette together and, even though it doesn’t look quite right, Dad declares it’s the best omelette of his life!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • It’s Dad’s birthday, and he is hangry!
  • Bluey has to guard Dad in his room so that Bingo can make his birthday breakfast in bed.
  • Bingo helps Mum make an omelette, but is a bit clumsy with the eggs!
  • Dad eats the best omelette he’s ever, ever had.

Maybe I could eat this plant?

S3E4 – Omelette

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