Bluey and Bingo are on a video chat with Muffin and Socks so they can draw pictures together. Bluey is warned not to ‘hog’ the tablet, and to let Bingo have a go as well.

Muffin hasn’t quite mastered sharing yet and hogs it from Socks. Stripe tries to sort out the situation, but Muffin rebels and gets sent to time out!

Instead, she sneakily finds Stripe’s phone and logs back on. A chaotic chase between Stripe and Muffin ensues with everyone watching from their own screens, ending with Stripe’s phone in the pool. Seeing exactly what happens when you ‘hog’, Bluey thinks it might be Bingo’s turn.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey, Bingo, Muffin and Socks are on their tablets using a video chat app with a drawing feature.
  • Muffin demands that she gets to finish drawing her “Cow. Boy. HAT!”
  • Uncle Stripe chases Muffin through the house.

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