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Bluey is on her way to ask Calypso where the typewriter is so she can write stories, when she meets Snickers who hates being a sausage dog and Winton who can’t understand why no one wants to be near him. 

Both team up with Bluey but are soon ambushed by the Terriers! Snickers finds his long body helps him hide behind some trees and Winton scares one off by being a ‘space invader’. Bluey uses an imaginary shield to block the bow and arrows, and they escape the Terriers! Finally, when Bluey reaches Calypso, she realises she doesn’t need a real typewriter to write stories.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Terriers want to pretend their bows and arrows are pretend-real!
  • Snickers learns to love being a sausage dog who can do a sausage roll!
  • Winton finds out he’s a space invader.
  • Bluey wants to find a typewriter so she can write a story.

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