Judo is Bluey and Bingo’s next-door neighbour, who lives with her mother Wendy. She is the same age as Bluey and they have known each other since they were babies.

Chow chows commonly become attached to certain individuals, which is why she has a close circle of friends that includes Bluey, Bingo and Pom Pom.
Judo doesn’t always play nicely and while she can be a little bossy and impatient at times, she doesn’t mean to be and tries her best to change her behaviour.

Judo and her mum, Wendy, are chow chows with beautifully soft white hair that can sometimes be hard to keep clean.

Little kids take so long to do everything!





Chow Chow

First appearance

Butterflies (Season One)


Fairies (Season One)
Sticky Gecko (Season Two)
See Saw (Season Two)
Postman (Season Two)
Baby Race (Season Two)
Sheepdog (Season Three)
Dirt (Season Three)