When mum goes for a walk by herself along the beach, Bluey runs to catch up with her, keen to share a shell she has found.

Pretending to be a mermaid who has finally got her legs for the day, she embarks on a precious solo adventure, following Mum’s footprints along the shoreline.

Along the way she encounters a surfer, some pesky seagulls, a cast of crabs, a washed-up jellyfish and a rather large and nervous pelican.

Having experienced what it’s like to be on your own for the first time, Bluey reunites with Mum and they listen to the shell, before walking back down the beach together.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Heelers go on a trip to “THE BEEEACH!”
  • Dad lets Bluey walk down the beach toward Mum all by herself.
  • Bluey pretends to be a mermaid who got her legs – but only for a day.
  • Bluey skips along the beach like a crab!

You cheeky wave! You washed away my mum’s footsteps!

S1E26 – The Beach

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