Mum and Aunt Trixie go out, leaving Bingo, Bluey and the cousins with Dad and Uncle Stripe, whose plans to watch the cricket are cancelled for a game of Horsey Ride instead.

But when Bluey forgets to put away her favourite toy, Polly Puppy, and Socks get hold of her, they need a plan to get her back in one piece. In an attempt to distract Socks from Polly, the kids set up a Horsey wedding between Dad (Gallahop) and Uncle Stripe (Sparkles).

But Sparkes is a reluctant bride, and soon bolts. In the ensuing chase, Socks leaves Polly behind to corner Sparkles, and Bluey reclaims her beloved toy.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey, Bingo and Muffin put on a ‘Horsey Wedding’.
  • Dad and Uncle Stripe try to watch cricket on TV, but the kids make them pretend to be horses.
  • We’re first introduced to Polly Puppy.
  • Dad pretends to eat Bluey like a watermelon.

I’m not marrying him! He stinks!

S1E9 – Horsey Ride

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