It’s Sunday lunch on Blueys back deck! But every BBQ needs side dishes!

Bingo’s relaxing sit-down has to wait when her cousins task her with finding every colour capsicum for the world’s best pretend salad.

Run off her feet to gather the ingredients, she finds green leaves from the succulents, yellow petals from the hanging plants, and red flowers from the Poinciana tree.

But wait, she can’t relax yet, she forgot about the dressing! One out-of-control hose later and Bingo’s a muddy mess!

And by the time she’s finished, Bingo will have a newfound respect for how much work goes into a good meal.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo has two find all three colours of ‘capsicum’ for the BBQ game.
  • Bingo wants to sit in her relaxing chair.
  • Bingo gets sprayed by the wild flailing hose.
  • We first meet Bluey’s cousins, Muffin and Socks.

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