At the weekend, Bluey and Bingo are playing Statues with Dad – Bingo is a magical moving statue that Dad keeps trying to return to Bluey the shopkeeper.

With the game in full swing, Bingo gasps in wonder as she discovers a walking leaf insect in the garden. She whispers to Dad to come and see, but he is too distracted chasing Bluey and it flies away.

Later at bedtime, Bingo is upset that Dad didn’t get to see the walking leaf but she’s cheered up when Dad apologises, explaining that he was distracted by a cheeky magic statue. Bingo giggles and admits that the statue was actually her all along.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad, Bluey and Bingo play ‘Magic Statues’.
  • Bluey and Bingo ring the front doorbell and hide before Dad arrives.
  • We first see a close-up of Bingo as she stares at the adorable ‘walking leaf’ bug.
  • Bluey shows Bingo her doll, who wears sushi for shoes!

Wait a minute! These aren’t magic statues are they?

S1E6 – The Weekend

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