Bluey and Bingo form a secret spy ring under the house to spy on their new enemies, two mysterious tradies working in the backyard.

When Bluey catches the older tradie scolding the apprentice for being on his phone, Bluey believes the two are each other’s enemies! But Bluey’s suspicion turns into curiosity – how can two enemies be friendly and work together?

When the older tradie offers Bluey and Bingo an ice cream, the kids start to warm up to their adversaries.

And as the job’s finished, Bluey and Bingo befriend the tradies and learn that sometimes enemies can become friends. 

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Two tradies named Sparky and Chippy come to install a pond in the Heeler’s backyard.
  • Bluey and Bingo spy on the tradies, nicknaming them ‘Big Belt’ & ‘Chocolate Milk’.
  • Chippy needs to make amends with his partner, Cherry.
  • Sparky gives the girls an ice-cream cone to share.

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