The Tradies are hired by Chilli to build a fishpond in the Heelers’ back yard. Sparky is a pitbull, who’s bestowed with the nickname “Big Belt” by the girls, on account of his giant tool belt. He loves meat pies, his boat, and his wife, Jules, who he affectionately refers to as “Me Missus.

Chippy is an Afghan hound, who the girls name “Chocolate Milk“. He loves his bright green ute, mullets, his girlfriend Cherry, and texting on his phone during work hours much to Sparky’s dismay.

At first, Bluey and Bingo treat the Tradies as their enemies, spying on them from their super-secret snooping spot. But they soon learn that some enemies can become friends with the help of Sparky’s wise words (and a spare ice cream!)

“Just going to the truck!” / “Alrighty, don’t be long! We’ve got a lot to do!

S3E32 – Tradies



Sparky and Chippy

also known as

Big Belt &
Chocolate Milk


Pitbull (Sparky)
Afghan Hound (Chippy)

Voiced by

Mick Molloy (Sparky)
Sam Cotton (Chippy)

the tradies’ episodes


Bluey and Bingo hide under the house and spy on two mysterious tradies in the backyard.

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