Mum wants a smoochy kiss from Dad, but Bluey and Bingo want Dad all to themselves and won’t let Mum near him!

When Bluey and Bingo start hiding Dad around the house, they discover that Dad can be kind of gross; he’s got stinky armpits, does foul fluffies and even pees on his own foot!

So, Bluey and Bingo reverse the roles and start protecting Mum from Dad’s grossness, but they find that Mum’s got gross habits too – like her stinky morning breath after sardines on toast! Bluey and Bingo learn that in life you must take the good with the bad, just like Mum and Dad do with each other.  

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and Bingo try to stop Mum from smoochy-kissing Dad in the morning.
  • Chilli hides in a cardboard box in the hallway, sneaking up on Bingo.
  • Dad has lots of gross habits!
  • “You’ve gotta’ take the good with the bad.”

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