Mum won’t let Bingo have pavlova, so the kids find a way by playing a cheeky game of Café in the kitchen.

But as Bluey waits on her customer Bingo, Dad inserts himself in their game as a chef who can’t speak English and can’t get Bingo’s order of pavlova quite right.

When Bluey has no choice but to fire him, Dad sets up his own shop next door and forces Bingo to choose between pavlova and edamame beans.

Bingo doesn’t want to hurt Dad’s feelings, but she can’t resist the pavlova. But after eating the whole slice, she tries an edamame bean of her own free will… and it tastes pretty good! 

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bingo has to choose between eating some pavlova or edamame beans.
  • Bluey offers Bingo some pavlova at her pretend café.
  • Dad is a funny chef who speaks French gibberish.
  • Bluey does a very unsubtle wink to Bingo in front of Mum and Dad.

It’s a cafè competition! I’m going to get the sprinkles.

S3E17 – Pavlova

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