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Granny Gladys (played Muffin) is impatient, stubborn and doesn’t put up with backchat – she’s classified as a “Grouchy Granny”. She wears fabulous black granny glasses and a lovely brown shawl and is friends with Janet and Rita.

Gladys employs a helper she affectionately refers to as “Buggalugs”, who pushes her around on her mobility scooter when its battery runs out, and puts up with her handbag wallops and general bossiness.

Gladys is highly respected in the granny world (particularly by Doreen, the Heelers’ neighbour) for her phenomenal sales skills; as an extremely hard negotiator, she manages to outplay a REAL Grouchy Granny and fetch a very high price for a mobile scooter. She’s also known to moonlight as another type of granny… the aptly named “Super Granny”.

Now make me a cup of tea, Bugalugs!

S3E33 – Granny Mobile




also known as

Grouchy Granny
Super Granny

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Granny Mobile (Season Three)

Granny Gladys’ Episodes

Granny Mobile

At a garage sale, Muffin’s playing Grouchy Granny, and she’s making Dad push her on an old scooter. But then, a real Grouchy Granny wants to buy it, and Muffin won’t budge.

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