Rita (played by Bingo), A mischievous and rather flatulent “Can’t-Hear-Anything Granny”, is besties with Janet (played by Bluey).

While she may walk with a cane, wear a pink and purple blanket as a shawl, and constantly drop her coin purse, there’s plenty of pep left in her yet – she knows how to “floss”, after all.
Rita has a pet snake called Bubsy and can occasionally be found applying her questionable driving skills to the bus route and circuits of the garden.

While she loves a good lamington, her favourite food is baked beans. This weakness for canned goods sometimes lands Rita in trouble – not only when she’s busted for smuggling them out of the kitchen, but also because they tend to knock her off balance.

I’ve slipped on my beans!

S1E28 – Grannies




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Grannies (Season One)

Key Episodes

Grannies (Season One)
Bus (Season Two)
Trains (Season Two)
Granny Mobile (Season Three)
Ghostbasket (Season Three)