Rusty is a red kelpie and has exceptional skills with a cricket bat. He is Bluey’s friend from school and is also good friends with Indy.

Rusty loves pretending to be a handyman, fixing fences and repairing odds and ends around the place.
Or, if he’s outside, you might find Rusty holed up with Jack calling out for a “dust off” in one of their adventurous games of Army.

Rusty has picked up a thing or two from his dad, who is in the army for real life. And like any good soldier, Rusty is resourceful and well-prepared.

Listen up, sailors. This will be a long and dangerous journey…

S3E15 – Explorers





Red Kelpie

first appeared

Calypso (Season One)


The Doctor (Season One)
Mums and Dads (Season One)
Army (Season Two)
Helicopter (Season Two)
Explorers (Season Three)
Space (Season Three)
Cricket (Season Three)