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The girls are given the opportunity to have their own bedrooms when Bluey and Bingo’s old nursery is cleared out.

Mum is lost in nostalgia and Bluey can’t understand why she’s so affected by a ‘room’. But through the process of splitting their possessions across two rooms, we see just how important Bingo is in Bluey’s life.

And, when it’s time to sleep apart, Bluey prefers to have Bingo sleep over instead. Now Dad will have to put everything back to how it was in the morning.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bluey and Bingo decide to have their own rooms.
  • The girls play ‘Asleep/Awake’ with Lampy.
  • In a tree, just outside Bluey’s window, is a bird she and Bingo have named Malcolm.
  • Mum and Dad play a game to decide who has to go upstairs and help the kids.

Ok kids, into bed! Big D’s ready for knockoff.

S3E1 – Bedroom

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